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Specialty Piping Products LLC was founded in 2005 by Tommy Wilder and Steve McDonald. Prior to founding Specialty Piping Products, both partners worked for a successful local pipe valve and fitting company owned by Tommy’s brother, Sammy Wilder. In 2005, Sammy’s company was purchased by a larger multi-branch PVF distributor, which left Tommy and Steve with a decision as to what to do next. The company owned by Tommy’s brother had a special uniqueness about it which he wanted to emulate. It had a strong presence in the local market of Mobile, Alabama through its ability to offer superior personal service to its customers. Additionally, it had a key quality. This was its ability to maintain an available inventory of the commodity items common to most Industrial Pipe, Valve, and Fitting Companies, while beginning to specialize in pipe hangers and supports, custom fabricated pipe supports, and piping specialty items. As its customers realized the value of this added service, the company began to achieve tremendous success. When the company was purchased from Sammy, the new owners chose not to assume a role as a fabricator due to liability and various other reasons.

Tommy and Steve wanted to build on the custom fabrication component that had led to the great success of Sammy’s company. So, they sat down to discuss a plan for forming a company that would combine the ability to offer fabricated industrial piping products with superior personal service. In February of 2005 Specialty Piping Products LLC was born. During its first few years, the company had only three employees including Tommy, Steve, and Aaron Payne. In 2016 Steve retired and Tommy took over as President and CEO. To this day Aaron is a key employee of the company and has made enormous contributions to its success.  The company has grown tremendously since its inception, and attributes its growth and success to upholding the same basic principles upon which it was established. Our company primarily caters to the needs of the Industrial, Marine, and Military Shipbuilding industries. We have customers in over 20 states and ship products internationally.

We look forward to continuing our growth and maintaining our reputation as we work to meet the needs of our valued customers.


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